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Love and Tears

Love and Tears

People always ask me who is the hardest client I have ever worked with. Without a doubt, the answer will always be ME- myself. Looking back to these, I can still hear all the laughters from the day, the memory of seeing the flower petals falling on my wife's white dress is so surreal as though it was still happening right in front of me. 

Before planning the wedding, my wife and I decided to design our wedding invitation in minimalist approach, but still we strive to make things different from what we have seen. I came across an idea of making our "Save the Date" & "Invitation" on a translucent material and bit of copper gold foil to keep a classic look. Also to corporate with the beautiful scenery of Toowoomba QLD where the venue is, I used some of the landscape pictures to give a touch of the nature.

Invitation, Menu & Stationery

Invitation, Menu & Stationery

Keeping the same concept with "Save the Date" Card while ensure our guests gets a clear information of the venue, I made our invitation on a clear PVC card. Clear reversed sticker was applied on one side of the card with the die-cut cooper gold sticker on the other side. Applying the stickers on each side of the PVC card creates a floating effect with the texts. 

Completing the wedding stationary set, I created a symbol ready to be use on menu, gift sets and stickers.