Kiwi Manuka® Brand Booklet


Kiwi Manuka® has gone into its roots to source the most pure and natural ingredients from local farmers in remote regions of the country. Their efforts have also been acknowledged with credibility and licenses from various certified parties, this guarantees the stringent quality of their products. Third party recognition is also addressed in the booklet as Kiwi Manuka® strives to be as transparent from source to customer ensuring the authenticity of their products.

The story begins with examining the hero products of Kiwi Manuka®, the Mānuka Honey range, the booklet design evolves around the elements implemented on the packaging to bring out the products and its identity. The use of organic shapes each identifies the different meaning on packaging, this initial style was formed as a foundation.

As a family friendly orientated brand, an cheerful colour scheme was applied to present the brand as approachable as possible. The playful die cut shape on the sleeve of the booklet is designed to attract audience’s attention and to interact with it. A layer of spot uv effect was also applied subtly on the book cover, mirroring Kiwi Manuka®’s attention to details to their products. The brand identity is portrayed through the colours of yellow and orange. Although each product category comes with their designated colour scheme, they seamlessly tie together as a whole without overpowering the layouts of the booklet.