Mānuka Honey Propolis Candies


Packaging design
The current market approaches for Manuka candies are mainly using a rather traditional and safe design to emphasis on the propolis candies and their healing properties. With the thoughts and solution to be different and rethinking candies's characteristic, a friendly, fun and lively illustration has been created.This unique packaging direction will not only able current consumers to differentiate these candies from the current market, but is also friendly enough to be able to resonate with public.

A lot of fun can be gained by allowing the imagination to bring you down the rabbit hole.

Candies are meant to be fun since you are indulging into the sweetness. A set of playful illustrations have been carefully designed and implemented. Each illustration engages with the corresponding flavours, it brings out the visual imaginative of the taste. As soon as you grab the pack of the candies, your senses are fulfilled with joy and excitement.