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Suzhou, also known as "Venice of the East", is where the rose of SOULANTING (a rose based beauty brand) is grown, picked and produced.

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The Purest Form of Beauty

The Purest Form of Beauty

The name "SOU LAN TING" is a direct phonetic pronunciation from three Chinese characters that translates as "capturing the goodness through the mist of the mountains". It accurately describes the scenario of hand picking the Rose in the misty mornings, hence we proceeded to keep the original name as a response the overall branding.

To create a icon and logo, we studied the pattern of rose and illustrated it with a combination of circles in golden ratio; the circles symbolises purity, perfection and the Sun. The alphabets 'I' & 'N' in the logo were illustrated in an angle and the positioning of the rose icon, together they portray the angle of sunrise at dawn. A subtle thoughtful elements goes a long way when creating an identity for a brand.

We investigated and explored the brand's characteristics in order to tailor-made a typeface dedicated to the brand. The finished typeface represents the brand's classic, elegant and feminine image.

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